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Creating a baby’s room design that isn’t pink, blue or yellow

Baby room designs tend to be blue for boys, pink for girls, and yellow as the gender-neutral choice, but these options can be both restrictive and, dare we say it, overdone. If you’re keeping your baby’s gender a surprise until he or she arrives, or you don’t want to reveal the gender yet to family and friends, it is possible to create a gender neutral baby room that features other colours not the stereotypical blue, pink and yellow.

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Going for a gender-neutral baby room should not prevent you from creating a beautiful and well-designed space for your baby. Our gender-neutral baby room ideas are here to help you get inspired. Just because a room doesn’t state whether your baby is a boy or a girl, doesn’t mean it can’t still make a statement…

Go minimal

A great option when deciding on your baby room design is to go for minimal paint, flooring and window dressings. Choosing an off-white for the walls and a neutral colour such as beige for the carpet may not initially scream “kid-friendly.” But the minimal base actually allows you to decorate your kid’s bedroom in a variety of fun ways throughout the years. You can add exciting and personal touches through soft furnishings, wall art, rugs, wooden shutters, and accessories. The best part? As your child grows, it’ll be extremely easy to update their bedroom, as the base colours can stay the same.

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Choose primary colours

Another great option when it comes to baby room designs for unisex is to stick to primary colours. Primary shades of red, yellow, blue and green can look a little childish elsewhere in your home – but for a baby’s room, they’re perfect. Just make sure you balance out these somewhat garish tones with some softer, neutral areas to avoid the effect of the room becoming too intense.

Play with neutral tones

If you decide to go for a neutral baby room design, there are lots of ways to bring warmth and youth to the room. Playing with a few different neutral tones, such as taupes, creams, browns, beiges, and greys, can actually create a comforting and cosy effect. Including different textures and accents can also help elevate a less bright and vibrant room décor theme. To bring elements of colour, why not opt for muted coloured shutters, and blankets, soft toys and baby mobiles in soft pastels to complement the neutral scheme.

Pick an accent

If you’re giving a room a refresh for your baby’s arrival but you want to limit the need for repainting or DIY you can still introduce colour to a gender neutral baby room, in a way that doesn’t seem so overwhelming (or so focused on the gender binary). Yellow is somewhat of a cliché in terms of a gender neutral colour, but, in truth, there are many pops of colour which don’t necessarily suggest “girl” or “boy.” Greens, reds, purples, turquoises, gold or silver can all be implemented alongside your neutral colour scheme in order to make your baby’s room seem a bit more fun, but still classic and chic.

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Keep it natural

A great tip in terms of gender-neutral baby room ideas is to take some inspiration from nature. Using natural fabrics and materials can make a less brightly-coloured room more interesting to look at. It’ll also mean the room is visually stimulating for a baby but won’t look too immature as your child grows up.

Shine bright

White rooms have a reputation for looking a little bit clinical – but done right, white walls look clean, crisp and refreshing. A white base for a gender-neutral baby room also allows you to dress it up with homeware and accessories over time. Just make sure you have plenty of soft furnishings and a warm, adjustable light to make the room cosy for your baby.

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Utilise patterns

A great way to bring a fun, focal point to your baby’s room that avoids gender bias is by the clever use of patterns. You can select patterns which don’t lean too far either way in terms of gender but still add some interest and playfulness to your gender-neutral baby room. Patterns can be added primarily in soft-furnishings, such as rugs and curtains, but could also appear on an armchair or sofa, or even wallpaper. Again, these decorating touches can be changed out over time, to allow you to update the room without a pricey and time-consuming decorating process when your baby becomes a teen.

Make it interactive

As your baby grows, their bedroom will become a place to learn, play and discover. You can really lean into this when deciding on gender neutral baby room ideas. Consider making your baby’s bedroom more interactive, with a blackboard wall they can actually draw on, or movable games such as maps built into the walls. Not only will this mean you can keep your child’s room gender neutral, but it’ll mean they actually get a say in the decoration process too!

coloured shutters

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Make their windows sing

Keeping the walls neutral and opting for a fun window dressing will make a baby’s room sing. Solid shutters are great for blocking out light while your baby sleeps, bringing all the natural light through during the day as they play. Dress your solid shutters with polka dot transfers in a variety of colours available from craft stores, and you can remove these and retouch the shutter paint years later as they grow up.

Be inspired by vintage

A fun source of inspiration for your baby room design might even lie in an heirloom you have from years gone by. Choosing a vintage or retro theme for your gender-neutral baby room that suits the heirloom can lead to some truly stunning and meaningful bedroom design. Choosing high-quality retro furniture and a colour-scheme which doesn’t lean too hard on any one particular shade is key to getting this look right. You want it to look deliberate and curated.

Design a mural

If you do go for a more specific gender-neutral baby room idea, a mural is an excellent way to make their room design exciting. You can find a local artist to paint your mural of choice – or, if you’re feeling creative, have a go yourself. You can even order wallpaper with baby-friendly patterns and scenes printed on it. It tends to be a good idea to have just one wall as a mural and to keep the others light and neutral, in order to prevent the room feeling too busy or claustrophobic.

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