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You might be surprised to discover that conservatory shutters are a stylish and functional solution to stop your conservatory overheating. So if you’re looking for conservatory shading to regulate the temperature during hot and cold months, read on. 

Conservatories are a fantastic asset to your home, especially during hot summer months where you entertain guests enjoying an unrivalled view of out onto your garden. But for all their benefits, conservatories can prove tricky to regulate temperature. If your conservatory is too hot to relax and read your book during summer months, and too cold to do work on your laptop during winter months, conservatory shutters are a natural cooling solution, and temperature regulator, thus proving to be the perfect solution.

With shade control being just one of the many benefits, plantation shutters for your conservatory are the perfect addition.

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Why opt for shutters for a conservatory?

First, for light and shading control

Conservatory shutters allow light control in a way other conservatory window dressings simply can’t. With adjustable slats, you have the freedom to adjust the level of direct sunlight entering the room. This means shutters provide adjustable conservatory shading allowing you to cool the room on hot days while adding an extra layer of insulation in cooler months. Your conservatory will be comfortable to spend time in, all year long.

Next, they offer unrivalled privacy

Another huge benefit is the privacy conservatory shutters bring against prying eyes. Conservatories can often feel exposed, especially if you’re garden is overlooked by neighbouring properties, or you have an undisturbed (and rather unwanted!) view into next door’s driveway. Installing shutters to your conservatory will bring privacy when you need it. Plantation shutters are stylish, sophisticated and as functional in a conservatory as in every other room of your house.

Another reason, insulation

Believe it or not, plantation shutters are known to act as a layer of insulation when installed to a property. Studies have shown that the bespoke nature of shutters being installed exact to the millimetre of your windows, reduces heat loss through draughts, thus reducing your energy bills. During colder months, this makes shutters an ideal window dressing for all rooms as well as conservatories. They keep the light bouncing through the space while preventing heat loss. So if you’re worried about your conservatory not feeling cosy, there’s no need.

Image credit: Shutterly Fabulous

What’s so special about Shutterly Fabulous conservatory shutters?

We get the angles right

Conservatories are notoriously difficult to dress with curtains or blinds, never mind bespoke shutters. Customers are often unaware that having shutters in your conservatory is an option, often worried that due to the angled roofs and different shaped windows, they can’t find window dressing to fit. Here at Shutterly Fabulous, we pride ourselves on being able to measure and install shutters with absolute precision to any type of window, no matter the shape, size, height, whether they’re in reach or out of reach – and conservatories are no exception!

Our shutters are protected to prevent sun damage

Our shutters are coated in UV protected paint. This means, unlike fabric window dressings, your shutters won’t warp or fade in direct sunlight. With this fantastic feature, conservatory furniture and floor coverings will also last longer as shutters will prevent damaging effects of the sun at the push of a slat.

Every shutter is unique to you and made for your windows

Conservatories are all unique shapes and sizes, and for that reason so are conservatory shutters. In fact, all the shutters we manufacture are made bespoke for the window we are installing – no matter which room. Our experienced team of shutter consultants measure and survey windows, ordering bespoke shutters to be made to any specification. Our shutters offer a sleek and beautiful finish for years to come, adding value to your home and character to your windows.

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