Shutters or Blinds?

From better privacy to heat proofing to ease of cleaning, call us biased but there are some stand out reasons to choose shutters over blinds.


1. Better privacy

Blinds are either open or closed, there’s no in between. Either passers-by are peering into your room or it’s cast into darkness. Shutters, on the other hand, bring the best of both worlds. Ultimate privacy without reducing light. Tilt your slats for privacy at eye level and keep the light shining in from above.


2. Easily adjust light levels

There is no other window dressing that gives you better light control than a shutter can. Throw your panels open to let 100% light into your room, or angle your louvres to diffuse sunshine and keep the sun from bleaching your furniture. Don’t worry, our shutters are coated in UV protective paint to protect them from sun damage too.


3. Improved insulation

Plantation shutters are built to the exact spec of your window, meaning unlike blinds, they’ll cover your whole window frame to the millimetre. For this reason, they’ve been proven to insulate windows, so you can rest easy your window dressing is cutting your heating bills and helping the environment. Want more eco-friendly home improvement ideas?


4. A breeze to clean

Dust is a lot easier to remove from wooden slats than it is from blinds. Nobody wants to fiddle around with removing blinds to take them to the dry cleaners. Shutters are much easier to clean. With a regular wipe down, they remain dust mite free – a better solution for allergy sufferers.


5. Soundproofing for a restful nights sleep

When shutter slats are fully closed they act as a natural sound barrier to the outside world, offering a more restful nights sleep. Whether open or closed, shutters are too sturdy and fixed securely to rattle or bang as blinds can.


6. Kerb appeal that will wow potential buyers

Not just a statement from the inside, plantation shutters bring a smart, contemporary look to the exterior of your home which will leave your neighbours wanting a similar look. What’s more, shutters have been known to increase the value of homes, so when you do come to sell, you’ll attract more buyers.


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