Stained conservatory shutters for new look…

Window treatments like curtains and blinds are often used in different colours throughout the home, so why not use shutters as window treatments in contrasting colours in different rooms? This customer has two very different styles of adjoining rooms, both of which benefit greatly from the use of shutters, at their window openings.

The conservatory, in this customers photograph, joining on to the rest of the building already has a wood stain used in the construction. Our Shutterly Fabulous consultant has matched the stain used on the shutters to the existing stain giving a beautifully uniform and natural look to the window treatments.

In the adjacent room, which has very clean lines and a more open feel, white shutters have been used so as not to draw the eye to them, allowing them to feel a natural part of the existing furnishings. By mixing and matching different colours and styles of wooden plantation shutters throughout your home you can achieve very different feels and looks in different parts of your home.

If your window frames are going to be white and you choose cream shutters the shutter paint finish may end up looking like a faded white.

Similarly, if you put white shutters against oak window framing, you could detract from the beauty of the wood grain on the window frames.Due to the high quality paint and stain process our shutters receive, your shutters will not need retreating for a period of around 7 – 10 years. Of course this varies depending on how well you treat your shutters, but as long as you treat the panels with respect you will have high quality window treatments which can last a life time.

Another influential factor is the type of furniture you have in the room. If the room has a wood stained floor and a few items of wood stained furniture, having walnut or honey oak stained shutters could look too much – an over abundance of wood stains in the room. In such instances, painted shutters can look more subtle and help for part of the overall look of the home. All colour options and design advice can be offered to you when you arrange a meeting with one of our expert consultants.

Shutterly Fabulous has a range of 8 standard paint finishes and 10 standard stains, both available in either Yellow Poplar Wood or Elm Wood.

Why not get in touch with us now to see how we can transform your windows into beautiful wooden shutter shades.