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Compared to other window treatments, there’s a wealth of evidence to suggest that shutters offer the most environmental benefits.

Increasingly, homeowners are recognising, and facing up to, the environmental issues that our planet faces. Constructors are also playing their part, with new builds pulling their weight in the insulation stakes.

To make the most of our daylight, we need a good way of dispersing it into our homes without compromising on ambience. Curtains and blinds offer a limited means of regulating how much light a room can glean from a day. But there’s a way to leave the light off whilst ensuring maximum daylight and energy efficiency: plantation shutters.


What are the ecological and economical benefits of plantation shutters?

Environmental benefits of plantation shutters Shutterly Fabulous

Tracked Full Height shutters by Shutterly Fabulous

When it comes to making improvements to your home, plantation shutters deliver on all fronts. They’ll increase its value, boost visual appeal and are kind to the environment. Insulated shutters are an effective method of heat retention too, which makes a big difference to your annual energy bills. It’s been calculated that up to ten times more warmth is lost through glass than a normal wall, which makes windows one of the most inefficient parts of any home. All the more reason to invest in shutters!

Eco-friendly shutters also help your home become a much more relaxed environment, as they reduce noise pollution considerably. And relaxation is something you can’t put a price on!


You’re in control with shutters 

Economical benefits of plantation shutters Shutterly Fabulous

Full Height shutters by Shutterly Fabulous 

Another advantage of having shutters is that they afford you an opportunity to control the distribution of light in a room – all day long! By simply adjusting the slats and opening the shutters to match your requirements, you’re regulating (and by evening time, maximising) the flow of natural light that you can bring into your home. This is eco-friendliness in action and a very stylish means of lowering your carbon footprint. With insulated window shutters, it’s easier to leave the light off for as long as you can and make your windows eco- windows!


Do shutters keep heat in?

environmental benefits of plantation shutters Shutterly Fabulous

Solid wood panel shutters by Shutterly Fabulous 

The great thing about wooden shutters is that they come in a whole range of designs and can be custom-built to fit any style of home. Full height shutters, for example, offer flexibility and excellent light control, and solid wood panel shutters are particularly effective at retaining heat. Back in 2010, Edinburgh World Heritage undertook a thermal imaging test which proved that if wooden shutters are closed at dusk, heat seepage through large Victorian and Georgian windows was successfully stopped.


Our commitment to recycling

It’s one thing to instigate the eco-effect at home, it’s another to take this with us everywhere we go – which obviously applies with businesses too. When we ship our shutters to you, our packaging materials are all made from recyclable cardboard. International legislation is gearing towards getting more businesses and members of the public to help reduce waste by recycling and we’re pleased to say that our packaging is 75% recyclable.

Benefits of wooden shutters Shutterly Fabulous


Our shutters won’t cost the earth

With our Classic Poplar range, you can request timber certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® at no extra cost.

The FSC® is an independent non-profit organisation promoting responsible supervision of forests. It’s their job to see that timber products worldwide come from wood grown, harvested and replanted in a way that doesn’t negatively impact the environment.

We work alongside the FSC® to ensure that you do your bit for the planet. Our manufacturers undergo a rigorous process annually to achieve certification, so you can choose hardwood from an FSC® certified sustainable source.

So, by ordering with Shutterly Fabulous you’re contributing to the shutter eco-effect twice over!


Get in touch to learn more about FSC® certification and our range of wonderful shutters. Our installation experts are ready to help.