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Whether it’s darkening a room space, keeping out the cold or making a real interior style statement, solid wood shutters always deliver.

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‘Solid window shutters’ is the term given to any shutter whose panels are not louvered or slatted. They are made of solid hardwood and, as such, let in far less light than their more contemporary peers. They’re a favourite for those who want to keep a traditional Victorian look for their windows, in keeping with old English, Regency-styled bay windows that rise from floor to ceiling.

With no slats, solid wood shutters offer top to bottom window coverage that’s secure, striking and stylish.

Owing to their solid, all covering nature, solid window shutters are perfect for darkening your room space. Whilst not producing a complete ‘blackout’ effect, they do a wonderful job of creating dark, peaceful bedrooms or complementing elegant interiors of high-ceilinged living rooms.

Solid shutters look most striking when adorning the windows of traditional Victorian houses and flats with distinct Regency style. Picture those lining Brighton’s seafront or Bath’s distinctive rows of limestone properties. It is in installations such as these where solid wood shutters truly shine.

That said, our mantra has always been that we can install shutters onto practically any window. So, whether your property is hundreds of years old or brand new, solid interior wood shutters will make a fabulous addition to your home.

The first and most popular is our full solid raised offering. These are so-called owing to the shutters’ full height nature: they cover the entirety of a window or door. You can choose to have one or two mid rails, the horizontal section of solid wood that divides each panel, for aesthetic or structural purposes.

You can also choose our half solid raised or combination shutters, which include a solid lower part and slatted or louvered top portion, ideal for when you want privacy at the bottom and more precise light control up top.

Similarly, our tier on tier solid raised shutters allow you to have one set of panels closed and another open, as the shutters are split in the middle.

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Material and colour options for your solid wood shutters

Our solid wood shutters are made from Classic Poplar wood and come in a range of beautiful paints and stains. Classic Poplar wood is renowned for its smooth, finished look.

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When it comes to colour options for your solid wood shutters, we offer a great range of shades. Our Classic Poplar shutters come in many neutral variations, including bright white, pearl and clotted cream.

More details on our materials and finishes can be found below.

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Fast-growing Yellow Poplar gives strong yet lightweight FSC® certified timber ideal for large interior doorways and windows. In our experience, no shutter timber is stronger or more durable. But that’s not to say Poplar is heavy-duty. It’s a subtle, elegant wood with an even grain that takes both paint and stain finishes exquisitely. Best across large spaces, this range can custom-fit practically any shape. No wonder Classic Poplar is our most popular shutter.

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Solid wood shutters are perfectly placed in any home looking to ooze Regency and Victorian charm. Browse through our solid wood shutters gallery for some inspiration.


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